Pilgrimages to QUITO

In May 2018, one of the first pilgrimages to QUITO was organized in Ottawa.  Plans are underway for a pilgrimage in January of 2019, so pilgrims can be there for the Novena to 'Mary of Buen Suceso of the Purification' and the procession on the morning of the Feast of the Purification on February 2nd.  This pilgrimage will NOT be a whirlwind tour but will be much slower paced and prayerful with the goal of spiritual reflection and progress.   The daily agenda will be optional, consist of daily Mass, rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and one planned activity in the afternoon, such as:

  • A tour of the Presidential Palace

  • A bus trip to the Equator and the tour of a Museum at this destination

  • A bus trip to the top of the mountain to see the largest statue in South America, "Our Lady of Quito".

  • Various Churches and Museums within walking distance of our hotel

All efforts will be made to make the pilgrimage affordable and to keep costs down .  If you are interested, please watch the video below to get a flavor for this beautiful country.  

Pilgrim’s Prayer to St. James

An ancient prayer that comes at the end of the Pilgrim Mass said along the Camino deSantiago:

               “O God, who brought your servant Abraham out of the land of the

Chaldean’s, protecting him in his wanderings, who guided the Hebrew

people across the desert, we ask that you watch over us, your servants,

as we walk in the love of your name to Santiago de Compostela.  Be for

us our companion on the walk, Our guide at the crossroads, Our breath

in our weariness, Our protection in danger, Our shade in the heat,

Our light in the darkness, Our consolation in our discouragements,

And our strength in our intentions.  So that with your guidance we

may arrive safe and sound at the end of the Road and enriched

with grace and virtue we return safely to our homes filled with joy. 


In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,  Amen. 

Apostle Santiago, pray for us. 

Santa Maria, pray for us.