Implementing the TRUE spirit of Vatican II

This apostolate intends to be a refuge for Priests desiring to implement Vatican II in the spirit the Council Fathers intended.  Here are a brief summary of some of the recommended changes:

  • Celebrating Mass Ad Orientem

  • Teaching on the hard Truths of the Faith such as hell, the devil and contraception 

  • Placing the tabernacle back into the center of the Sanctuary

  • Preserving the use of Latin and Gregorian Chant, whenever possible

  • Encouraging communion kneeling and on the tongue

  • Being faithful to and using the original Roman Canon (the others were a pure invention)

  • Returning to the use of the chin paten

  • Encouraging the use of boy altar servers again

  • Discouraging the use of extraordinary ministers of ‘Holy Communion’.  St. John Paul II has made a few very clear statements in regards to this practise.  Let us heed his Holy words:


"To touch the sacred species and to distribute them with their own hands is a privilege

of the ordained." (Dominicae Cenae, 11) AND further "It is not permitted that the faithful should themselves pick up the consecrated bread and the sacred chalice, still less that they should hand them from one to another." (Inaestimabile Donum, April 17, 1980, sec. 9)


AND the words of St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274):  

"Out of reverence towards this Sacrament [the Holy Eucharist], nothing touches it, but what is consecrated; hence the corporal and the chalice are consecrated, and likewise the priest's hands, for touching this Sacrament." (Summa Theologica, Part III, Q. 82, Art. 3, Rep. Obj. 8.)


An excellent article on the Merit of a MASS by Father Charles Ripperger: