Restoring All Things in Christ  


Four Hundred years ago, Mary, the Mother of God, began a series of apparitions to a Franciscan nun in Quito Ecuador, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres.  In these apparitions, Our Lady revealed startling events that were to come after the middle of the 20th Century, with the most significant of these reserved for our times.  “Mary of the Good Event of the Purification” spoke of the complete corruption of morals and customs, as the fabric of society would unravel and leave chaos and confusion in its wake.  This disintegration of society resulted in what Pope Saint JPII called the "Culture of Death" and Pope Benedict XVI was to eventually call the “Dictatorship of Relativism”.  This spirit of disorder was also to enter the Church in a most devastating way.  Although so much of the message is ominous, the Blessed Mother leaves us with great hope because she conveyed to Mother Mariana that when all would seem lost, that Satan had taken complete control, she would intervene with a new splendor for the Church and complete restoration!

The premise of this site and our Association is to situate this “Restoration” in the Documents of Vatican II with the true and full intent of the Council Fathers, especially in regards to the manner and way in which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was to be celebrated, expressed in the document, 'Sacrosanctum Concilium'.  Because our true identity is found in Jesus most especially in the Eucharist, His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity and being the source and summit of our lives, we can conclude that if the confusion and disunity we are currently experiencing in the Church is to be reordered, this unity will occur in and through the Eucharist.